Buried Treasures—What is Under Jockey’s Ridge?

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  1. The history under Jockey’s ridge. There was a large hotel there. It was my great,great grand parents. The Sawyers! There are 2 people living that know the truth under it. It was not burned down. There was a storm that created it. The sound and the ocean met and formed the sand dune. When Jerry was a kid his friends found a opening like a tunnel and would go inside it and they would walk around in it and play. The property was not ever sold. The state claimed owner ship over it. To this day boards from the huge hotel will appear from it. It’s a berried treasure. My grandmother had a picture of it. But when she died it lost in the paper work. If you would like to contact us about it my email is galenorton3@gmail.com! Happy hunting for that great treasure. It is still there!! Best regards, Jerry and Gale Sawyer

  2. thanks- Ieft a comment in the reply comments

  1. November 17, 2013

    […] “Buried Treasures – What is Under Jockey’s Ridge?” This article in the North Beach Sun introduced me to the sand castle – and the stories of other things lost to the Ridge’s sandy jaws. […]

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