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Big Curri-Shuck, Big Fun

You have to say this for the folks at Sanctuary Vineyards and I Got Your Crabs…they sure know how to throw a party. The Annual Big Curri-shuck celebration of oysters, crab, barbecue, wine, beer...


Fellowship and a Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, a perfect combination of family, food and tradition. It is at its core the very definition of the fellowship that binds a community. Yet for some, family and food...

The night skit at Jockey's Ridge during Kites with Lights. 1

Kites with Lights Decorates the Sky

By Kip Tabb The holiday season is a time of traditions, from Thanksgiving dinner to the secret discussions children have with Santa Claus to the lighting of Christmas trees. The Outer Banks certainly seems...