The Man Upstairs

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4 Responses

  1. Molly says:

    Many generations of Birthday Suits girls, including myself, have lived in the employee house behind the KDH store! If those walls could talk…

  2. Sandra says:

    My friend just forwarded me this article. I lived upstairs at Glen Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery too. Often times I’d be in my kitchen and gallery browsers would just walk through my door and stand in my living room. “What’s in here,” they’d ask. “Performance art….. it’s called cooking eggs. Want to help?”
    I have many fond memories of my unique apartment in the upside down boat in Nags Head — and Glenn and Pat Eure still have a warm place in my heart to this day.

  3. Robyn Dozier says:

    loved my studio apartment above The Village Wine Shop (now Red Sky Café) Woke up to the sound of the bread machine churning everyday and I had easy access to wine:)

  4. Cynthia says:

    I loved my apartment above the PSYCHOLOGIST and OB GYN offices in Nags Head. From my room, if I tilted my head just so I could see a sliver of the ocean between mansions on the beach road. It was the first thing I would show people when they came to visit…