29 Years in the Sun

Nearly 30 years have passed since Rex Peters decided to take a crack at the newspaper world with the North Beach Sun. Rex’s vision was to send a newsletter to Outer Banks homeowners, but readers and advertisers overwhelmed his tiny publication and pushed him to grow.

And grow and grow.

Fast forward 24 and a half years – past economic recessions and housing booms, past tourism peaks and valleys, past the 100 years of flight – and Rex and his  wife Tori were ready for retirement.

That’s where we came in. Adam and I had been part of the Sun since 2000, he as the art director and me as the occasional writer. We signed the paperwork in January of 2012 making us the proud owners of one very established and much loved newspaper. But it was a newspaper that we believed needed an injection of energy and life.

Over the course of the past four years we’ve re-invented the Sun, including a new logo, new website, new bright orange delivery truck, and new content. We’ve forged strong bonds with the community and are partners in a number of fundraisers, concerts and local events. And we’ve utilized our existing business, Access Design & Print, to give our advertising clients more print and marketing options than they had before.

At the core, however, we are still the same… a beloved local publication that engages, informs and entertains.

Thanks for following the Sun through the years!

Cathy Baldwin