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Outer Banks Visitors Bureau launching their Wright Flyer. The glider seemed to be in flight longer than any other, although it did not qualify by distance. Standing on the edge to the left is Allison Wyant. Pushing the tail is Aaron Tuell, Amy Wood to his right and Bruce Weaver of Kitty Hawk Kites.

BrewTag-Can Beer Fly?

  BrewTag—a festival of flight, beer or just a good time on a beautiful day? A difficult question to answer because it was all of the above. Posing the ageless question, if mankind can...

Filling the night with light and laughter at the Poulos house in Kill Devil Hills.

A Festival of Lights

By Kip Tabb –  We don’t think of light as a miracle any more, yet that memory of a time when we held back the darkness with a single candle is still with us....

The Poulos house at Christmas. A gift to the Outer Banks for over 40 years.

North Beach Sun Holiday Wish for our Readers

By Kip Tabb –  Our publisher, Cathy Baldwin, was in K Mart the other night and she overheard how incredulous and thrilled a customer was when they found someone–anonymously–had paid off their layaway. My...