Foreman’s Lumber–Dreams Go Up In Flames

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4 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    I so agree. What a terrific thing it would have been for the beach the market would have been. A great way to convert an abandoned property to a self supporting community resource. When a community is coming out of a recession and trying to keep the economy going, perhaps the politicians could help a bit more and throw up roadblocks a bit less.

  2. leave if you don't like says:

    I guess anything with character is an eye sore to you. Maybe you would rather see another Wings there instead? Lets make it even more like Myrtle Beach. Maybe you should move back to where you came from. On another note…the fact that KH makes everyone pave there parking lot is ridiculous. What is this places coming to????

    • north beach sun says:

      It strikes me as difficult to argue that a dilapidated wooden building lacking upkeep or purpose is anything other than an eyesore. During its heyday as a lumberyard and hardware store, the building certainly had character, although it’s doubtful if it would have been considered an architectural gem. However, the point of the article was to draw attention to a missed opportunity on the part of the KH Town Council–a missed opportunity that would have renewed both the purpose and appearance of the building, as well as creating opportunity for a number of retail businesses just beginning their journey.

  3. Beth says:

    Unfortunately, the Kitty Hawk, requirement is not unique. It is probably connected to the land use plans that have been implemented everywhere, with the myriad of ordinances that change constantly. Many areas and states are realizing how following this path is creating financial budget problems and are making necessary changes. Quite often fema and EPA requirements are involved and federal grants have been used that have fine print strings attached. Our local leaders’ hands are tied.

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