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Comment from Oregon Inlet Idiots: "Is this a Clown Car or what? One rut, one bounce.....can you say face plant or worse. Just sayin!"

All Hail the Idiots!

By Phyllis Cole –  With the intent to educate people and show them what not to do while driving on the Outer Banks beach, while poking a bit of fun, Facebook’s Oregon Inlet Idiots encouraged...


Lynette Sumner—Defining Outer Banks Success

By Kip Tabb –  Lynette Sumner is bright, well-spoken, creative and driven to succeed—although success for her may not be the classic definition. Her restaurant and spa, Aqua, on the south end of Duck,...


An Outer Banks Christmas Weekend

By Kip Tabb –    The Outer Banks is quintessentially and wonderfully small-town America, a characteristic that truly comes to the fore during the Christmas season. It’s here during other times of the year,...