Public Fireworks Before Contentious Southern Shores Vote

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2 Responses

  1. Tonya Byrum says:

    Looks like we just elected a bunch of scum bag, land grabbing, Agenda 21, zombie, tyrants. Off with their heads. I, for one, did not vote for this mayor.

  2. Susan Dineen says:

    The biggest problem with all this is that our representatives did not abide by the will of the people and in so doing abused their power. Eminent Domain quick take is a problem for anyone who owns private property, it is a violation of what we as Americans deem sacred, and if we cannot stop this type of activity at the local level how the heck are we ever going to get a handle on the constitutional violations happening at the National level? These representatives were elected by the people and not given crowns to act like royalty. The town hall was full to capacity with people that were upset with this proceeding yet the entire town council refused to consider postponing this important decision until the community was given more information on the subject. One suggestion was to have this resolution put on the November election ballot to determine a true representation of town support but like every other idea brought up by the residents it was blown off. I for one am having a hard time coming to terms with all of this. Is there more to this picture than meets the eye, it makes you think doesn’t it? The Southern Shores representatives took the position that their knowledge and decisions were far superior to anything the residents had to offer concerning this matter. Is this really what we want or expect from our government officials?

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