Lies . . . and the Southern Environmental Law Center

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  1. susan nelson says:

    Thank you Kip for so eloquently stated exactly what happened at the press conference and the truth about the SELC. Never did i think i would be “raging” against an environmental program, having grown up on the Outer Banks for 58 years, but they are so wrong on so many levels. I have heard them speak many times and they consistently talk just like they did to Andy Fox.

  2. The writing has been on the wall for many years. The maintance should have been kept up on this and all bridges in nc. SELC has and wants to run people off of Hatteras Island and I’m afraid this is going to happen. The National Park Service is another outfit that wants the same. Having been born there I’ve seen many changes and they’re not good. No bridge, have to have lisences to hunt and fish, speed limits that need to be raised outside of the villages, high gas prices and now food. It gos on and on. The word resort doesn’t fit this area because of all the problems. There are no dunes and no plans to put those back, the NPS is the author of a lot trouble there, the most that can happen is we must pray.

  3. gifford nolan says:

    Perhaps it is time to strike back at the SELC where it matters most; in their personal pocket books. It appears to me that a group of lawyers have gone from protecting the environment to protecting their bank accounts. Perhaps a group of businesses (it must be a group that can show damage) can hire an attorney and file a suit against the individual lawyers as well as the individuals on the BoD and the President’s Council of the SELC. File suit claiming that these individuals are acting in their own best interest and not that of the environment and in doing so are inflecting irreparable harm to those business owners of Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands.

  4. john runyon says:

    why are we letting the judges who allow the frivolous law suits to go on and on with no cost to the perpetrators is this so they have more work?

    • north beach sun says:

      The judges in these cases are federal and serve permanently by appointment by a President with the advice and consent of Congress. The SELC already lost in the first round of federal court when Judge Louise Flanagan found for the defendants (NCDOT) on all points. Here’s the link to our story on that: The SELC, as they are entitled to do, have appealed to the US Circuit Court of Appeals. We are currently waiting for the Appeals Court to indicate if they are going to take the case or let Judge Flanagan’s ruling stand. The other issue is getting the CAMA permits for the project. The SELC has forced an administrative hearing on that. Under any circumstances construction cannot begin until the permits are issued. The perpetrators, as you term them, are charging for their work. The SELC is a law firm handling exclusively environmental lawsuits. They are suing on behalf or the Defenders of Wildlife and the National Wildlife Refuge Association, which is why I suggested in the editorial that a strategy to bringing this to a close is to stop the funding stream.

  5. Fred Kinzel says:

    Judge Louise Flanagan has made her decision and found NCDOT in compliance with the Law. Build the bridge now and send a clear and concise message to S.E.L.C. and others like them that the vast majority of the people want to see Common Sense and fiscal responsibility
    used in decision making. To many Taxpayer dollars have been wasted on one Environmental Impact statement after another , when one done by someone with a little ” Common Sense ” should be enough. Defenders of Wildlife have made a fortune , our tax dollars , by suing agencies under the Dept. of Interior , from the National Park Service to the U.S. Coast Guard. They name the Secretary of Interior personally. Defenders of Wildlife vs. Rowan Gould:
    Judgement Fund Payment : $ 263,099.00
    Defenders of Wildlife vs. Gutierrez
    Judgement Fund Payment : $ 320,000.00
    Defenders of Wildlife vs. Gale Norton
    Judgement Fund Payment : $ 272,710.54
    Defenders of Wildlife along with the Center for Biological Diversity vs. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture : Settlement Agreement under Judge Marylin H. Patel. The U.S. Forest Service will pay $ 250,000.00 pursuant to the “Equal Access to Justice”Act. Now keep in mind that Defenders of Wildlife has sued the Dept. of Interior one hundred ninety-two times. Still think it’s not about the money? If you don’t mind your tax dollars being used to line the pockets of lawyers over frivolous lawsuits and missed deadlines, I can respect that, however, I do have a problem with it. Enough is Enough.

  6. Pwai Chung says:

    I spoke with a staff-level employee of the Congressional Representative for this district. He said the Congressman sincerely believes this whole matter has to do with United Nations Agenda 21. Additionally, the Congressman said the orchestrated plan to depopulate the island must be stopped.

  7. John Everett says:

    When the Outlying Landing Field threatened to move from the Tidewater to Northeastern N.C., it was the SELC that stood between rural North Carolinians and the U.S. Navy – and won. And when oil industry comes calling to drill offshore, I will give you one guess who will be standing there to protect the Outer Banks — the SELC. Now you may not agree with their stance on the bridge and that’s fine, but calling them liars and saying they are filing suits to serve their own best interests is just foolish. Check their website, these folks have degrees from the best schools in the country and make a small fraction of what they could easily earn in the private sector because they believe in what they’re doing. If money were their goal, each of them could be hundreds of thousands (if not millions) at private law firms representing business (like Duke Power, etc.).

    I hope everyone of you who criticizes the SELC is ready for offshore oil drilling, because that’s what you deserve for having such short memories. Good thing that the SELC doesn’t care if they get blasted in the “court of public opinion,” they try to do what’s right for the environment whether its popular or not.

    Personally, I’m not convinced they should be fighting the bridge — but I recognize all the good work they have done and continue to do.

  8. Rob says:

    Offshore drilling would actually be great for Eastern NC and the OBX. It would bring good paying jobs and also offshore drilling rigs would create structure that would provide habitat for fish. Offshore sport fishing is one the main things that draws tourists to Hatteras.

    • Kip Tabb says:

      Rob-It is very doubtful that offshore drilling would bring any high paying jobs to the Outer Banks or diversify the workforce. Servicing offshore platforms requires deepwater ports and there are no deepwater ports on the Outer Banks and no possibility that there will be one. Although oil platforms have been recognized as valuable artificial reefs, and I’m guessing that is what you’re referencing habitat for fish, they come with risks that other forms of artificial reefs do not have, and to that point, NC Marine Fisheries in cooperation with NCDOT, is moving forward with plans to use the superstructure of the old Bonner Bridge as it is dismantled to create six artificial reefs off the Outer Banks. I cannot speak for all Outer Banks residents, but the vast majority of the people who live here seem to feel the most likely economic impact from offshore oil exploration and drilling would be negative.

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