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Fireworks over Manteo. 1

Thoughts on Independence Day

There is something special about witnessing Independence Day fireworks at the edge of this continent. With the darkness of the sea as a backdrop, it as though the explosions that light the sky are...

Filling the night with light and laughter at the Poulos house in Kill Devil Hills. 1

A Festival of Lights

By Kip Tabb –  We don’t think of light as a miracle any more, yet that memory of a time when we held back the darkness with a single candle is still with us....

Leon Tabb with two Navy buddies on Attu, the western most of the Aleutian Islands. 0

Veteran’s Day-An Appreciation

By Kip Tabb – My father, who passed away last year, was a veteran of WWII. He served in the Navy, was stationed in the Aleutians where he loaded ordinance onto PBYs for a...


Raising Will Ferrell (Every Night Live!)

Two is an age that is ridiculous, hilarious, outrageous and possibly offensive—all descriptors, not coincidently, which describe Will Ferrell’s greatest comedic roles. We are all characters in our own undocumented reality show, Raising Will Ferrell: The Terribly Hilarious Twos.

Rendering of Bonner Bridge replacement. Photo, NCDOT. 1

An End to Sparring over the Bonner Bridge?

Opinion by Kip Tabb –  Like two heavyweight boxers who have fought too many matches, all of them to a draw, it looks as though NCDOT and the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) have...


Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

By Lindsey Beasley Dianna- This is an intervention. Granted, it’s aimed specifically at myself, but perhaps some of you can relate? My wake-up call came in the form of a question from a precocious...


A Homegrown Taste of Summer

By Amanda McDanel –  My grandpa always smelled like tomatoes. Not the fruit itself, but the green herbaceous leaf and it is in fact, one of my favorite scents. I even have a perfume...

Picking strawberries on a sunny spring day at the Malco's strawberry field. 0

Strawberry Picking

By Kip Tabb –  There is something about picking your own strawberries on a glorious spring day that reminds us that there is so much right in the world. Not that picking strawberries can...