A Commercial Fisherman Speaks Out

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2 Responses

  1. evelyn dominguez says:


    Great article.. you were right on point saying the people on the top sometimes do not know how this industry operates with the people on the bottom that actually do know, and are living it day in and day out. my husband is a commercial fisherman in key west fl, and like many many other key west fisherman are facing the fear of being out of work very soon with the new commercial ACL on yellowtail snappers. I was wondering if the catch/share program was finally implemented? also, I am trying to research where fisherman go to give opinions and question and speak up, certain/new regulations but am having no luck. I know there are public hearings and council meetings, but always are announced a little too late, and are always very far from home to get these fisherman to drop their weeks work, that like you said is NOT a 9-5 and just go to these meetings. closing the yellowtail snapper will cause major impact on the fisherman in key west and all fisherman in the South Atlantic, and a major impact on all local small businesses and our economy. we are all so worried. any advice?

    • north beach sun says:

      I’ll pass this along to Dewey. You raise some troubling issues about the what is happening to our commercial fishermen.

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